A rational use of the antibacterial drugs helps to cure of any infectious disease. Bacteria can produce a resistance to any antibiotic, that is why a pharmaceutical market grows every year and offers newest drugs with unique chemical composition and unique pharmacological characteristics.

Nowadays, there are 15 official groups of the antibacterial drugs which are used in the medical practice. In general, more than 100 different antibacterial drugs (including Generics) are calculated which help in the treatment of infections.

A choice of an antibacterial medicine is the main issue for a human. It is sometimes difficult to select a medicine required for certain medical case among many antibiotics. It is easier to go to a doctor who will prescribe a medical examination and microbiological blood test and detect an originator of the infection. A doctor will make a diagnosis and prescribe the most effective antibiotic. But the problem is that most doctors prescribe expensive antibiotics and a course of the treatment will cost thousand dollar. You will not buy a cheap analogue in the city pharmacy because a prescription does not contain its name.

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A choice of the antibiotics is wider in the online pharmacy than in the pharmacies of your city. Medicines are supplied from different manufacturers without any agents. Online pharmacies do not depend on the economical agents and contracts. They can sell antibiotics what they want. So, you can buy Cipro, Levaquin, Zithromax, Amoxil and many other antibiotics at the low cost in the online pharmacy.

If you do not have a possibility to receive a prescription, you can buy antibiotics online without prescription. A qualified pharmacist works in the online pharmacy who will help you to select an antibiotic and inform you how to take it.

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