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Generic Name: Spironolactone

Brand Names: Aldactone

Dosage Package: 100 mg, 25 mg, 20 mg

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What is Aldactone?

Aldactone is used as a diuretic product in order to help the body to excrete the excessive liquid, sodium, and reduce edemas. At the same time, unlike other diuretics, Aldactone maximally keeps potassium in the body and does not lead to a deficit of this ingredient.

The increase of diuresis after the use of Aldactone is accompanied by the hypotensive effect that is not regular. A diuretic effect develops slowly, and therefore the use of the drug is pointless during hypertonic crisis.

A diuretic effect occurs in 7 hours after he use of a one-time therapeutic dose. It lasts for about 24 hours and even longer depending on the individual peculiarities of the patient’s body. But in order to achieve the maximal therapeutic effect, it is necessary to take the drug within 2-5 days.

Who should take Aldactone?

Aldactone is used during excessive accumulation of liquid in the body which causes a development of edema and arterial hypertension. The drug may be used during chronic heart failure, hypokalemia/hypomagnesemia, Conn’s syndrome.

How to take Aldactone?

A dosing regimen as well as scheme of the treatment is individual in accordance with medical image of a patient. Before using the pills, it is necessary to examine the functions of kidney, liver and cardiovascular system. According to the obtained data, the treatment and individual dose are prescribed.

In case of the essential hypertension, Aldactone is used for 2 weeks. To control the blood pressure, the drug is usually used for at least 2-3 months. A daily dose varies from 50 to 100 mg. depending on a therapeutic reaction, a dose may be adjusted during the treatment and even gradually increased up to 200 mg per day.

In case of the edema syndrome during chronic heart failure, the drug is prescribed every day within 5 days, in the dose of 50 mg 3-4 times per day. The highest efficiency is achieved during the simultaneous use with thiazide or loop diuretics.

In case of edemas during liver cirrhosis, Aldactone is used in the dose of 100 mg per day, and if the effect is not enough, the dose is increased up to 200-400 mg per day.

What are side effects?

The use of Aldactone seldom causes side effects than thiazide or loop diuretics. It is achieved by means of the soft action and absence of the intensive diuretic effect. But if you have not used the drug before, some symptoms may happen within the first week: nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, dizziness, sleepiness, high concentration of BUN, creatinine, and uric acid in the blood.

The side effects are temporal and pass without a medical intervention.

Special recommendations

  • You should take blood tests every 3-4 weeks during a long-term treatment and control changes of creatinine, BUN, and others
  • If you have high level of potassium or calcium, the use of Aldactone may be contraindicated. It is necessary to discuss it with a physician.
  • In case of an acute renal failure, the use of Aldactone should be stopped
  • The active ingredients of Aldactone do not penetrate into the tissues but they may penetrate into the breast-milk and through placenta. So, do not this medicine during pregnancy and lactation for the sake of your baby.


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