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Generic Name: Ambroxol

Brand Names: Ambrolex, Atrivex

Dosage Package: 30mg

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What is Ambroxol?

Ambroxol is a mucolytic agent of the new generation. It effectively thins begma and contributes to its excretion from the lungs. This is one of the most popular and frequently used mucolytics in the medical practice. It is well tolerated, does not normally have side effects, and does not have a narcotic effect like some other mucolytic drugs.
The main therapeutic characteristics of Ambroxol:
– A reduction of begma viscosity
– An increase of ciliary clearance
– A regulation of serosal and muculent substances of begma
– An anti-inflammatory and antioxidant action

Who should take Ambroxol?

Ambroxol is prescribed patients in the treatment and prevention of the diseases of the respiratory tracts who have an affected natural process of the excretion of begma from the lungs and respiratory tracts:
– Acute and chronic bronchitis
– Pneumonia
– Chronic pulmonary obstructive disease
– Bronchial asthma with difficult begma discharge
The drug may be used for the prevention of infections of the respiratory tracts. It reduces an average amount of attacks of an infection and improves the work of the lungs.

How to take Ambroxol?

Ambroxol is released in tablets for the oral use. You should take the medicine strictly in accordance with an instruction and without skipping a dose. Adult patients over 12 years old are prescribed a standard dose of Ambroxol 30 mg 3 times per day regardless of a form of the disease. A patient should take the tablets after meals, with enough water. A general daily dose should be 90 mg.
It is necessary to take into account that a medical effect is observed in 4-6 days during the peroral use of Ambroxol. Therefore, do not wait for a fast result. This drawback is compensated because the effect is kept for some period even after the end of the treatment.
A dose may be reduced in 8-9 days of the treatment if begma excretion is significantly improved. A dose is gradually reduced. As a maintaining therapy, it is enough to take 1-2 tablets of Ambroxol 30 mg per day.
Children at the age of 6 to 12 should take 50% from a daily dose for adults. This is 15 mg 3 times per day, or a tablet of Ambroxol 30 mg once per day. A dose schedule depends on a severity of the disease and a list of the drugs which are used with Ambroxol.

What are side effects?

Some side effects of Ambroxol do not usually bring discomfort and do not need a cancellation of the treatment. Patients often experience dry mouth during the use of the tablets. Heartburning or nausea may happen during a long-term treatment. But these side effects are usually light and do not need a medical intervention.
Special recommendations
– A combined used with antitussive medical products leads to a difficult discharge of begma due to the reduction of cough. Therefore if you noticed that cough is reduced and becomes dry, it is necessary to stop the use of the antitussive products
– If dysfunctions of kidneys, Ambroxol may be used only after a doctor’s consultation
– Ambroxol penetrates through placental barrier, and therefore its use is contraindicated during the pregnancy
– Patients who have ulcer of stomach or duodenum should carefully take this product. In case of the acute symptoms of the gastric ulcer, the treatment is stopped.


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