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Generic Name: Celecoxib

Brand Names: Celebrex, Celebra, Onsenal

Dosage Package: 200 mg, 100 mg

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Pain syndrome may occur as a result of the degenerative or inflammatory reactions in the body. It is possible to cope with pain with the help of Celebrex which influences on the cause of pain and stops the inflammatory processes.

General description

Celebrex is a non-hormone anti-inflammatory drug which has a significant pain-relieving action. Its active ingredient is Celecoxib.

Celebrex gets rid of pain by means of the inhibition of the action of COX-2 enzyme which is actively produced in the site of the inflammation and degenerative process. This enzyme is responsible for the formation of pain and informs a human about pathology inside the body. After the use of Celebrex, the production of COX-2 is completely blocked, so that pain is gradually reduced and completely passes.

Using Celebrex, the inflammatory processes are reduced, fever is decreased in the places of the inflammation (especially in joints), the tolerance of the pathologic processes is improved.

In comparison with other NSAIDs, Celebrex is rather well tolerated and seldom causes the irritation of the mucous membrane of the gastro-intestinal tract. If this medicine is taken in therapeutic doses, the probability of the erosion in the walls of the stomach is minimal.

Indications for the use

  • Pain during inflammatory diseases of the connective tissue of the hip, knee and elbow joints
  • Inflammatory diseases of the spine
  • Acute abdominal pain during menstruation
  • Acute toothache
  • Pain of moderate severity during the postoperative period

In what dose is Celebrex used?

The Celebrex pills are taken 2 times per day because a onetime dose acts within 10-12 hours. It is better to take pills in an hour after meals, with a full glass of water.

  • To arrest pain during the inflammatory diseases of the joints, Celebrex is used in the dose of 100 mg in the morning and evening
  • In case of the inflammatory processes of the connective tissue, it is necessary to take a pill of Celebrex 200 mg in the morning and evening
  • Of acute pain during menstruation, a one-time dose of Celebrex 400 mg per day should be used
  • Do not take more than 400 mg of Celebrex per day because a chance of the side effects grows


A medical experience of the overdose is restricted but there is some data according to which the irritation of the mucous membrane of the gastro-intestinal tract is increased during the overdose with Celebrex, and edema or acute allergic diseases may appear.

A relevant maintaining therapy (gastric lavage) should be provided during the overdose, and a patient should consult a doctor.

Medical interaction

  • The simultaneous use of Celebrex with anticoagulants should slow down the blood coagulability and cause bleedings
  • Using Celebrex with other NSAIDs may cause pain in the stomach, heart-burn, and lack of energy. The interaction between Celebrex and NSAIDs should be avoided

Preventive measures

  • The medical experience of using Celecoxib during pregnancy is restricted. A potential risk for fetus is not indicated but it cannot be eliminated, and therefore it is better to refuse from the use of Celebrex
  • Patients under 18 years old should not take Celebrex
  • If acute state of the gastric ulcer or appearance of the gastro-intestinal bleedings, the use of Celebrex is stopped

There are pathologies during which Celebrex is contraindicated:

  • bronchial asthma
  • heart failure
  • allergy to COX-2 inhibitors or acetylsalicylic acid
  • severe hepatic failure
  • severe renal insufficiency


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