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Generic Name: Varenicline

Brand Names: Champix

Dosage Package: 1 mg, 0.5 mg

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What is Champix?

Champix is one of the most effective drugs to treat nicotine addiction. It is able to reduce a desire to smoke even in heavy smokers and it has a low risk of the side effects.

The drug has Varenicline. This ingredient binds to the neuronic nicotine acetylcholine receptors and stimulates them but in a less degree than nicotine. A person does not get the maximal satisfaction from nicotine during smoking. A part of the action of nicotine is blocked, so that a mechanism of the formation of satisfaction is broken.

The drug relieves an abstinent syndrome during giving up smoking, and it reduces a satisfaction from the smoked cigarette or cigar. If you cannot give up smoking because of the abstinent syndrome, Champix will reduce negative symptoms, so that you will not feel discomfort during the absence of nicotine.

Who should take Champix?

Champixis prescribed people who cannot give up smoking and need a medical help. The drug is recommended for patients who have chronic diseases of the cardiovascular and respiratory system due to a long-term smoking.

How to take Champix?

Champix is produced in tablets that should be used orally with enough water. Before using the tabs, a human should set a date to give up smoking. The treatment is usually started 10-14 days before a complete giving up smoking.

A package with the tablets is divided into days of the week, so that you will follow a dosing regimen. Stick to the scheme indicated on the instruction:

  • A tablet of Champix 0,5 mg is used from the first day to 3rd day
  • Champix 0,5 mg is used 2 times per day from the 4th day to 7th day
  • Starting from the 8th day, a tablet of Champix 1 mg is used 2 times per day

It is necessary to completely reduce from smoking at the set date. The treatment usually takes 12 weeks but, if needed, the therapy may be continued in order to fix the effect.

In case of the severe dysfunction of kidneys, a dose of Champix is reduced up to 1 mg once per day. In case of the dysfunctions of liver, the dose of the drug should not be adjusted.

Old patients do not adjust the dose, if they do not have chronic diseases or contraindications for the use.

What are side effects?

Patients may sometimes have some side effects during the use of Champix: nausea, headache, sleep disorder, weird dreams, apathy, high appetite, and diarrhea. The side effects are often related to stopping smoking and mainly appear within the first 3-4 weeks of the treatment. Then they are gradually reduced and completely pass, of all recommendations are observed.


Special recommendations

  • Champix is not prescribed people under 18 years old, pregnant and breast-feeding women
  • If a patient has chronic diseases of the central nervous system or psychic, the drug should be carefully used. If mental disorders become acute during the treatment, stop the therapy
  • Champix is not recommended for drivers, pilots, and people whose activity is related to the high concentration.


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