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Generic Name: Misoprostol

Brand Names: Cytotec

Dosage Package: 200 mcg, 100 mcg

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A gastric ulcer is always accompanied by the unpleasant symptoms: heavy gastric bleeding, severe pain, and heartburn. All these symptoms are caused by ulcers which appear on the walls of the mucous membrane under the action of the gastric juice. In order to arrest the symptoms of ulcers and heal wounds on the walls of the stomach, doctors recommend taking Cytotec.

General description

Cytotec is a biologically active form of prostaglandin E1 which provides an antisecretory action and helps to protect the mucous membrane of the gastro-intestinal tract from the action of the hydrochloric acid. The main active ingredient is Misoprostol which has been created in the laboratory conditions but it has all pharmacological characteristics of prostaglandins.

The anti-ulcer action of Cytotec is related to the reduction of the synthesis of the gastric juice simulated by food. The irritation of the mucous membrane is reduced during the decreased production of the hydrochloric acid and ulcers are quickly healed. To enhance the therapeutic effect, Cytotec favors the production of the mucous membrane which covers the membrane of the gastro-intestinal tract and protects against the action of the hydrochloric acid.

The therapeutic effect of Cytotec occurs within 3-5 hours after the use of the first one-time dose and grows during the regular use.

Misoprostol has a specific characteristic to cause a constriction of the smooth muscles of myometrium. Using a drug causes a dilation of cervix uteri, and an egg with fetus goes out of uterine because it cannot be kept on the walls. As a result of the “special” pharmacological characteristic, Cytotec is often used to terminate pregnancy on early terms.

Indications for the use

  • Prevention and treatment of gastric and duodenal ulcers during gastric hypersecretion
  • Prevention of gastric ulcers during the use of NSAIDs
  • Termination of pregnancy at the early terms (under 42 days)

In what dose is Cytotec used?

If gastric ulcer treatment caused by the hypersecretion of the gastric juice, Cytotec is taken in the dose of 400 mcg 2 times per day, in the morning and evening before sleeping.

If preventing the acute condition of the gastric ulcer during the use of NSAIDs, it is necessary to take a pill of Cytotec 200 mcg 1-3 times per day during the entire treatment.

If the purpose of the use of Cytotec is related to the early termination of the pregnancy, the drug is taken according to the following scheme:

  • 1 step – a complete gynecological examination and elimination of the possible contraindications
  • 2 step – the use of 600 mg of Mifepristone (it may be released under different trade marks)
  • 3 step – 400 mcg of Cytotec is taken in 40-48 hours (under doctor’s supervision)

In 7 days after that therapy, a woman should have ultrasound investigation to confirm a successful termination of the pregnancy.


There is no medical data about the overdose with Cytotec, however the first signs of the overdose can beseizures, tremors, tachycardia, fever, hypotension, severe drowsiness, vomiting, and allergic reaction.

Iftheoverdoseissuspected, consultadoctor.

Medical interaction

  • In case of the simultaneous use of Cytotec with antacids, there is a chance that the concentration of Misoprostol will be reduced in plasma and a severe diarrhea will appear
  • Cytotec may enhance the side effect of diclofenac, and therefore it is better to avoid the simultaneous use of these medicines

Preventive measures

  • Cytotec is contraindicated girls and boys under 18 years old
  • Cytotec is strictly contraindicated women during pregnancy and lactation and women who use intrauterine devices
  • Avoid Cytotec during the inflammation of intestine, diseases of liver, and kidneys.


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