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Generic Name: Terbinafine

Brand Names: Lamisil, Terbisil, Zabel

Dosage Package: 250 mg

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If fungus bother you but you do not know what medicine treats it, pay attention to Lamisil.

General description

Lamisil is an antifungal medicine which has a broad pharmacological action. It contains an active ingredient Terbinafine. This ingredient changes an early stage of biosynthesis of sterols (natural binds which stimulates a growth of fungi). During the change of biosynthesis of sterols, there is a lack of this binds in the cells of fungi, so that they stop growing and gradually die.

Lamisil is released in the form of ointment and pills. A choice of the medical form depends on the severity of the fungous infection, site and originator of infection. Lamisil even in low concentration easily inhibits a development of dermatophyte, mold fungi, certain dimorphic fungus and also some yeast fungi.

A process of the change of biosynthesis of the nutritious binds happens slowly, and therefore a therapeutic effect occurs only during the prolonged and regular use of Lamisil.

Indications for the use 

  • Athlete’s foot
  • yeast infections of the skin (including infections caused by Candida)
  • pityriasis versicolor
  • onychomycosis (only Lamisil tablets are used during this form of the disease)
  • Fungus of head and hair

In what dose is Lamisil used?

Using Lamisil cream, area of the skin should be washed and dried. Cream is applied with a thin layer and slightly ribbed in. it is easily absorbed into the skin, and therefore there will be no signs of Lamisil in 2-3 minutes.

If mycosis and tinea versicolor, Lamisil cream is used once per day before sleeping. If skin candidiasis, or skin crevice, cream is applied 2 times per day (in the morning and evening).

Using Lamisil in the pills, it is necessary to detect an originator of infection. Pills provide a weaker action than cream during some forms of the fungal infections. Lamisil in pills is taken once per day in the dose of 250 mg. A length of the therapy is 2-6 weeks.

Children with the body weight less than 40 kg are recommended to take 125 mg of Lamisil per day.


In case of the overdose with Lamisil, there is a chance of the appearance of the allergic reaction and also increase of the side effects: headache, nausea, and vomiting. If overdose, it is recommended to have a symptomatic therapy and refuse from the use of Lamisil.

Medical interaction

  • Ethanol interacts with Lamisil and can increase a risk of liver toxicity, so that avoid alcohol consumption during the treatment
  • Cimetidine increases the action of Lamisil and its concertation in the blood plasma, and therefore the dose of Lamisil should be lowered during the simultaneous use of these medicines.

Preventive measures

  • The irregular use of Lamisil or advanced end of the treatment can worsen the fungal infection
  • Lamisil can be contraindicated patients with renal or hepatic failure, and therefore if you have pathologies of these organs, consult a doctor
  • Children under 2 years old are not prescribed Lamisil
  • Lamisil is not contraindicated during pregnancy but the treatment should be controlled by a doctor.


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