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Generic Name: Furosemide

Brand Names: Lasix, Diaqua-2, Lo-Aqua, Frumil, Frusemide, Frusol

Dosage Package: 100 mg, 40 mg

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Most people do not pay attention to the accumulation of the excessive liquid in the body and go to a doctor only during severe edema and kidney problems. In order to avoid severe edema and remove an excessive liquid from the body, it is necessary to take Lasix.

General description

Lasix is the strongest loop diuretics on the pharmaceutical market. It has been approved by FDA and is for sale in all countries of the world. It contains an active ingredient Furosemide which provides a very fast effect.

Lasix is used during edemas of any severity. The action of this drug occurs by means of the intense excretion of ions of sodium and chlorine from the body which retain the excessive liquid. If a pill of Lasix is taken orally, the action will be started in 30 minutes.

Using Lasix enhances a frequency of the urination, and the blood pressure is reduced by means of the excretion of the excessive liquid. In case of the acute hypertonic crisis, injections of Lasix are prescribed to quickly lower the blood pressure.

The action of Lasix lasts for about 4-5 hours during which a great amount of the excessive liquid is excreted. If the severity of edema is high and the kidney functions are disordered, this drug is prescribed for a whole therapeutic course.

Indications for the use

  • Edema of any severity during liver cirrhosis, kidney diseases, chronic heart failure
  • Brain edema
  • Pulmonary edema
  • Treatment of hypertension
  • Hypertensive crisis

In what dose is Lasix used?

The daily dose of Lasix depends on the functioning of kidneys and severity of edema. If edemas of the middle severity, patients are recommended to take a pill of Lasix 40 mg 1-2 times per day.

If severe edema, Lasix 40 mg is used every 4-6 hours and the dose is increased by 20 mg every time. The maximal daily dose of Lasix is 160 mg.

If hypertension, Lasix is used in the dose of 20-40 mg once per day. To reduce a hypertonic crisis, it is recommended to use injections of Lasix 40 mg because this way the action is faster.


The overdose with Lasix is dangerous for the human life. The blood pressure drops a lot, the symptoms of arrhythmia, acute renal failure, flaccid paralyses, and sleepiness appear.

Go to a doctor during the overdose as soon as possible.



  • The daily dose of the diuretic may be lowered by two times during the simultaneous use of the hypotensive products with Lasix
  • Lasix can enhance a toxicity of some drugs: Cephalosporins, aminoglycosides, ethacrynic acid.
  • If you are taking Lasix with drugs for the treatment of the pancreatic diabetes, their efficiency is lowered
  • Using Lasix with glucocorticosteroids, a risk of the development of hypokalemia is increased, and an additional load to the hear is created

Preventive measures

  • Lasix excretes such micro-elements as calcium, potassium, and magnesium. Due to this, it is necessary to make up a deficit of these minerals during the treatment
  • Do not take Lasix during severe hepatic failure and/or hepatic coma, urinary tract obstruction by stones, acute myocardial infarction, or arterial hypotension.
  • Lasix is not recommended during pregnancy
  • Furosemide is discharged with breast milk, so that it is necessary to stop a breast-feeding during the treatment.


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