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Generic Name: Rizatriptan

Brand Names: Maxalt, Maxalt-MLT, Rizalt, Rizaliv

Dosage Package: 10 mg, 5 mg

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In spite of the common opinion, migraine is not just a headache. This is a severe neurological disease which is not completely studied. It is almost impossible to cure of migraine but it is possible to reduce the migraine symptoms with the help of Maxalt drug.

General description

Maxalt is a medicine of the new generation for the treatment of the migraine symptoms. It contains an active ingredient Rizatriptan which has successfully passed tests and been approved by FDA.

Maxalt is used to reduce the migraine symptoms. It does not reduce the frequency of the attacks and its efficiency is poor during the prevention of migraine. The use of Maxalt for the first signs of migraine (pulsing headache or aura) will reduce headache and get rid of the unpleasant symptoms such as nausea, vomiting, and loss of coordination.

A pharmacological action of Maxalt happens by means of the stimulation of 5-HT1D-receptors (serotonin receptors). If the activity of these receptors is increased in the brain, there is a narrowing of the blood vessels and headache is lowered. One of the cause of migraine is considered an edema of arteria carotis, and Maxalt can quickly reduce this edema and restore a normal blood circulation.

A therapeutic effect of Maxalt occurs quickly within 30 minutes. Therefore, if you feel the first signs of migraine, it is necessary to take a pill as soon as possible. The period of action of a therapeutic dose of Maxalt is short. The drug serves for the reduction of the acute migraine symptoms, and therefore it acts for about 2-3 hours.

Indications for the use

  • Treatment of the symptoms of classic (with aura) and normal (without aura) migraine in patients older than 18 years

In what dose is Maxalt used?

A one-time therapeutic dose of Maxalt is 10 mg. A pill is taken right after the appearance of the first signs of migraine and with a full glass of water. If a pill of Maxalt 10 mg did not help to overcome a migraine attack and headache grows, it is not recommended to take another pill. An additional dose of Maxalt 10 mg may be used if several new attacks of migraine appear within a day, but the next dose should be used in 2-3 hours after the use of the previous one. The maximal daily dose of Maxalt is 30 mg.

If you are taking antagonists of adrenoreceptors to prevent migraine (propranolol or atenolol), a one-time dose of Maxalt should not be more than 5 mg, and the maximal daily dose is 15 mg.


In case of the overdose with Maxalt, an excessive narrowing of the blood vessels of the brain may happen and this will lead to spasm and increase of the side effects such asdizziness, increased blood pressure, shivering and feeling hot.

In case of the overdose it is necessary to have a symptomatic treatment and stop the use of Maxalt.

Medical interaction

  • Using Maxalt with MAO inhibitors can cause overdose because of the slow excretion of Rizatriptan
  • If you began using Maxalt, do not take other agonists of serotonin 5-HT1d-receptors

Preventive measures

  • Maxalt is not used during severe hypertension, coronary failure, myocardial infarction, and angina
  • Patients under 18 years old are not prescribed Maxalt because its therapeutic action to children is not examined yet
  • Maxalt may be used in the minimal dose of 5 mg during pregnancy and under doctor’s supervision only.


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