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Generic Name: Clopidogrel

Brand Names: Plavix, Ceruvin, Clopilet, Clopivas

Dosage Package: 75 mg

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One of the main causes of myocardial infarction and stroke is high platelet aggregation. An active blood clot organization may cause clogging of the blood vessels and pathological dysfunctions of the cardiovascular system. To prevent a heart attack and stroke during the high platelet aggregation, doctors recommend taking Plavix.

General description

Plavix is approved by FDA to prevent cardiovascular diseases and atherosclerosis, during high platelet aggregation in the blood plasma. The drug contains an active ingredient Clopidogrel.

Plavix prevents a formation of the blood clots and thrombus. This drug does not dilate the blood vessels and do not affect the lumen in the blood or venous vessels to improve the blood circulation. During the slow platelet aggregation, they cannot merge into clots, and therefore it easily goes through all arterial and venous vessels.

A therapeutic action of Plavix begins in several hours after the use of the therapeutic dose. But the maximal effect develops only in 7 days with the renewal of platelets. Using Plavix does not break the main functions of platelets but their amount is reduced, so that they cannot break the blood circulation.

Indications for the use

  • Prevention of ischemic disorders of the heart
  • Prevention of complications after myocardial infarction, ischemic stroke,
  • Increased platelet aggregation
  • peripheral arterial diseases
  • Acute coronary syndrome

In what dose is Plavix used?

During the high platelet aggregation and high risk of the ischemic disorders, Plavix is used in the dose of 75 mg per day. The pills can be used at any time with enough water.

In case of the acute coronary syndrome, patients are recommended to take Plavix 300 mg at first, and take the standard therapeutic dose of 75 mg per day starting from the second day of the treatment. Patients of senior age do not need a dose adjustment.

Plavix 75 mg may be used within 12 months, and then the administration is stopped.


The Plavix overdose significantly increases time of bleedings including internal ones. Other intense side effects during the overdose with Plavix have not been recorded. There is no specific treatment of the overdose symptoms, and therefore a treatment will be individual for every medical case.

Medical interaction

  • To enhance a therapeutic effect, Plavix is used in combination with acetylsalicylic acid
  • A combined use of Plavix with Warfarin is not recommended because this combination can enhance bleedings
  • The simultaneous use of Plavix with non-steroid anti-inflammatory drugs can enhance bleedings in the gastro-intestinal tract

Preventive measures

  • Plavix is contraindicated duringsevere liver failure, internal bleeding, lactose intolerance
  • Patients under 18 years old are not prescribed Plavix
  • Pregnant women are not prescribed Plavix because an influence on the fetus is unknown
  • The liver functions should be regularly controlled during the prolonged use of Plavix.


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