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Generic Name: Finasteride

Brand Names: Proscar, Propecia, Prosmin, Anatine, Finasteride, Nasterid

Dosage Package: 5 mg

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A high concentration of dihydrotestosterone stimulates an inflammation and edema of prostate in the tissues of the prostatic gland. In order to arrest the symptoms of prostatitis, doctors recommend taking Proscar.

General description

Proscar is a new medicine from the group of inhibitors of enzyme 5-alpha-reductase. It provides a highly selective action as to this enzyme, and therefore it helps to reduce the symptoms of prostatitis in a short period.

Proscar contains an active ingredient Finasteride. It blocks 5-alpha-reductase which turns testosterone into dihydrotestosterone (a more active form with high androgenic index).

Dihydrotestosterone causes an inflammation of the prostatic gland, so that a man experiences an affected urine outflow and peculiar symptoms of prostatitis. The anti-inflammatory drugs reduce the symptoms of prostatitis, and Proscar acts to the cause of this disease, and therefore it is more promising drug on the modern pharmaceutical market.

The action of Proscar develops slowly. The action of Proscar can be felt only in 2-3 weeks after the beginning of the treatment. The maximal therapeutic effect occurs in 3 months and is kept during a regular use of the tablets.

Indications for the use    

  • Benign prostatic hyperplasia, caused by a high level of dihydrotestosterone

In what dose is Proscar used?

Proscar is used for at least 4-6 months for the prolonged control of the symptoms of the benign prostatic hyperplasia. The standard daily dose of Proscar is 5 mg. The efficiency of higher doses is not proved, and so it is pointless to take more than one tablet of Proscar 5 mg per day.

The tablets of Proscar 5 mg can be used at any time regardless of meals. The tablets must be taken with a glass of water. The dose adjustment is not needed during the treatment. Patients with kidney diseases and senior patients do not change a daily dose.


Proscar is safe for the male body even in high doses. A false overdosage is impossible because Finasteride is not kept in the body and is quickly excreted without causing a medical addiction.

Medical interaction

  • Many medical tests of Proscar did not found any significant medical interaction with other drugs. Finasteride probably does not influence on the pharmacological characteristics of other synthetic and natural medical ingredients and does not affect their metabolism.

Preventive measures

  • Proscar is contraindicated women who may become pregnant or pregnant. This medicine can cause severe hormone disorders in women and pathological changes in the endocrine system
  • Patients with disorders of the urine outflow may experience an obstructive uropathy during the use of Proscar, and therefore it is necessary to be cautious
  • Proscar is contraindicated men under 18 years old
  • It is necessary to regularly have rectal examination of prostate before the beginning of the treatment and during anti-inflammatory therapy in order to prevent the prostate cancer.


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