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Generic Name: Naltrexone

Brand Names: Revia

Dosage Package: 50 mg

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Even a short-term use of the narcotic analgesics may cause a medical addiction which is complicated by the fast development of the tolerance. A human should increase the dose or take stronger products because of the addiction. Doctors prescribe Revia to treat addiction caused by the use of the narcotic analgesics.

General description

Revia is an antagonist of the opiate receptors and is approved by FDA to treat a narcotic addiction. The drug contains an active ingredient Naltrexone.

The pharmacological action of Revia is a completely opposite to the action of the stimulants of the opiate receptors. It reduces a sensitivity or completely blocks opiate receptors reducing the efficiency of the narcotic drugs.

Revia reduces or removes symptoms caused by the intravenous or peroral administration of the opiates. Naltrexone also removes side effects caused by opioids (including the ones produced by the body).

Revia is similarly effective in the treatment of the narcotic addictions and alcohol addiction. It reduces the need in alcohol and inhibits a production of endorphins which are produced during the use of the beverage drinks.

Indications for the use

  • Treatment and prevention of the narcotic addiction
  • Treatment of the alcohol addiction

In what dose is Revia used?

Revia is taken in 7 days after the complete refuse from the opioids. It should be confirmed by a provocation test and urine test. A patient should not have an abstinent syndrome and other side effects of the withdrawal syndrome. As soon as the provocation test with Naltrexone will be negative, the treatment may be started.

The optimal therapeutic dose of Revia is 50 mg. Take the pills of Revia 50 mg every day, without missing a dose. There are other schemes of using Revia but the medical studies have found out that they have a lot of drawbacks and can cause side effects.

Revia 50 mg should be used till a patient will develop a completely neutral attitude to opioid. A Physician Should Make A Decision About Stopping Taking Revia.


There is little data about the causes of the overdose with Revia, however, the medical studies have detected that the use of the high doses of Revia can cause depression, tremor, mental disorders, spasms, and breathing distress.

Medical interaction

  • Using opioid analgesics or other drugs during the therapy can cause a severe abstinent syndrome and other severe side effects
  • Revia lowers the efficiency of the antitussive products and analgesics which interact with opioid receptors
  • Hepatotoxic medical products enhance a risk of the liver affection during the interaction with Revia
  • The interaction of Revia with antipsychotic product Thioridazine may cause narcolepsy, severe fatigue, and muscle weakness

Preventive measures

  • Revia is not prescribed patients during abstinent syndrome or positive test with Naloxone
  • Patients with severe diseases of liver are contraindicated to take Revia
  • Revia is not prescribed children under 18 years old and women during pregnancy/lactation.


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