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Generic Name: Sildenafil Citrate

Brand Names: Silagra

Dosage Package: 100 mg

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Cheap analogues of Viagra already win the pharmaceutical market and compete an expensive brand drug. One of the most popular and quality analogues of Viagra is Silagra.

General description

Silagra is a medicine for the treatment of the erectile dysfunction from a pharmaceutical company Cipla. This is a molecular analogue of the original brand drug which contains an active ingredient Sildenafil citrate.

The Indian pharmaceutical company Cipla has managed to buy out a molecular formula of Sildenafil even though a patent for the brand name Viagra still works. Silagra is produced on the basis of the original formula of sildenafil.

Silagra provides a stimulating influence on the erectile function during the sexual arousal. Sildenafil improves a blood circulation in the penis and helps to maintain erection during the sexual intercourse.

Even if you are tired or can hardly concentrate on the sexual activity because of the stress, your erection will be still strong. Silagra works regardless of the desire and physiological abilities of a man. The only thing that may bother having an erection is a libido disorder.

Silagra does not stimulate a sexual desire and does not work as an aphrodisiac. If a man has issues with libido, and he is not able to have a sexual arousal, Silagra will be probably ineffective.

Indications for the use

  • Treatment of the erectile dysfunction of the psychological and vascular origin
  • Prevention of the temporal loss of the erection due to stress, fatigue
  • Recovery of the erectile function after the use of the antidepressants or other medicines affecting the potency

In what dose is Silagra used?

The period of the absorption of Sildenafil from the gastro-intestinal tract is 40-50 minutes, and therefore the pills of Silagra should be used at least one hour before the sexual activity. A one-tine therapeutic dose of Silagra is 100 mg. This is the maximal working dose which acts regardless of the severity of impotence and causes of the sexual dysfunction.

A man can take Silagra 100 mg every day but not more than once per 20 hours. The average period of the action of Silagra 100 mg is 4 hours, however the drug action may last for up to 6 hours depending on the individual peculiarities of the male body.

Senior men are recommended to begin the treatment of the erectile dysfunction with a low dose and take ½ of the pill of Silagra 100 mg before having sex. If a dose of Silagra 50 mg does not cause side effects, the use of the standard therapeutic dose 100 mg per day may be used.



There is no data about the overdose with Silagra in the medical practice but there are all grounds to assume that a high daily dose (more than 600 mg within 24 hours) can enhance the side effects: headache, chest pain and back pain, tachycardia, and feeling of fever.

Medical interaction

  • Silagra is incompatible with organic nitrates and medicines containing nitroglycerine. Come and even death is possible due to the use of these ingredients
  • Do not take Silagra with alcohol because it will cause vomiting and side effects in the gastro-intestinal tract

Preventive measures

  • Silagra is contraindicated during anemia, heart failure, recent myocardial infarction, or stroke, disorder of the cerebral blood circulation, and closed-angle glaucoma
  • You should consult a doctor during the diseases of liver or kidneys. If a doctor allows taking Silagra, follow all recommendations
  • Men under 18 years old and women do not use Silagra.


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