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Generic Name: Levothyroxine

Brand Names: Synthroid, Levothroid, Levoxyl, Tirosint, Unithroid, Eltroxin

Dosage Package: 200mcg, 150mcg, 100mcg, 50mcg, 25mcg,

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A main cause of thyroid goiter is a lack of iodine and hormones of the thyroid gland. To treat this pathology expensive hormones produced from the thyroid gland of animals may be used but a more promising option will be Synthroid.

General description

Synthroid is a synthetic hormone of the thyroid gland which is synthesized in the laboratory conditions and has the same therapeutic characteristics as the human hormone of thyroid.

The treatment of hypothyroidism consists in the reduction of the load to the thyroid gland. Getting a hormone it is possible to significantly reduce the load to the thyroid gland with the help of Synthroid.

Using Synthroid will help to prevent the development of chronic hypothyroidism and make up a deficit of hormones. A significant reduction of the thyroid gland happens during the prolonged use of the drug and the work of the entire endocrine system is restored.

Using Synthroid to prevent hypothyroidism will help to avoid complications related to iodine deficit and increase of the thyroid gland. The therapeutic effect usually appears after the first week of taking Synthroid.

Indications for the use    

  • Treatment and prevention of hypothyroidism
  • deficiency of thyroid hormones
  • nodal/diffuse goiter relapse
  • Replacement suppressive therapy after resection of the thyroid gland

In what dose is Synthroid used?

The daily dose of Synthroid is selected for every patient because a need in hormones of the thyroid gland depends on the age, body weight and general medical image.

  • Patients over 12 years old with the body weight more than 70 kg are recommended to take 1,7 mcg per 1 kg of the body weight
  • The maximal daily dose of Synthroid is 300 mcg for adult patients with the body weight more than 70 kg
  • Patients over 55 years old should take Synthroid in the dose of 1 mcg per 1 kg of the body weight
  • The dose is lowered during the diseases of the cardiovascular system
  • If infantile hypothyroidism, children are prescribed 12,5-50 mcg of Synthroid per day


The surplus of the hormones of the thyroid gland is also harmful as its deficit. So take Synthroid according to the instruction and do not exceed the daily dose.

The first signs of the overdose with Synthroid areThyrotoxic crisis, severe tachycardia, acute psychosis, vomiting, fever, and heart failure. The overdose needs a medical intervention, usage of glucocorticosteroids and beta-adrenoceptors.

Medical interaction

  • The use of Synthroid lowers the therapeutic activity of insulin and drugs for the reduction of the glucose level in the blood
  • During the simultaneous use of Synthroid with tricyclic antidepressants, estrogens and anticoagulants, their action is increased, so that these drugs should be used in lower doses
  • An anti-epileptic drug Phenytoin lowers the concentration of Synthroid in the blood plasma

Preventive measures

  • Check regularly the concentration of hormones of the thyroid gland during the treatment in order t adjust the dose of Synthroid and follow a therapeutic effect
  • The daily dose of Synthroid is increased by 25-30% during 2 and 3 term of the pregnancy.


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