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Generic Name: Tadalafil

Brand Names: Tadalis, Cialis

Dosage Package: 20 mg, 10 mg

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What is Tadalis?

Tadalis is a medication for the treatment of the erectile dysfunction from Ajanta pharmaceutical company. It contains Tadalafil that has many distinctive features. It acts within 36 hours and is safe even during the simultaneous use with alcohol.

Due to Tadalis, it is possible to easily restore a sexual function even if you have been trying to treat the erectile dysfunction within many years and cannot have a sexual a complete sexual life.

Tadalis provides a temporal stimulating effect on the sexual function. Ifaman is sexually aroused, Tadalafil increases physiological processes in the body and improves the blood circulation in the tissues of the penis. In case of the intensive filling of the penis tissue with the blood, erection occurs. This physiological process is maintained by the main active ingredient Tadalafil within 36 hours. If you got aroused during the action of the drug, you will have a hard erection.

Who should take Tadalis?

Tadalis is prescribed men who are not able to keep a hard erection during the sexual arousal. The drug works well for men with chronic erectile dysfunction, and during temporal discomfort related to fatigue, or stress.

Even if you are healthy but you want to have new emotions and feelings, you may also use Tadalis.

How to take Tadalis?

Tadalis is produced in pills that should be used orally. Every pill contains the maximal daily dose of 20 mg. This dose is usually enough in order to have a hard erection within 30 minutes and have a sexual intercourse.

To make Tadalis working, the pills should be swallowed entirely and taken with a glass of water. Do not break it and do not mix it with water. Food does not influence on the speed of the dissolution of the pill but if the cover of the pill is affected, it may cause a stomach upset.

If the drug stopped acting within a day, 40 mg of Tadalafil may be used next time. But one pill usually works within more than a day, and therefore you do not have to increase the dose.

What are side effects?

Some side effects appear in 7% of men taking Tadalis. These are headache, redness of face, nasal stuffiness or tachycardia. Dull pain in the penis or stomach disorder appear seldom. All side effects are light and do not need a medical intervention.

A medical aid is required only if you have a severe allergic reaction or severe pain in the chest.

Special recommendations

  • It is very important to take Tadalis in the optimal dose of 20 mg. Many men want to increase the effect, so that they take 3-4 pills at once. The effect is not improved but many side effects appear, so that a sexual intercourse is impossible
  • If you have an alcohol intoxication, do not take Tadalis
  • If you are under 18 years old, the use of Tadalis is contraindicated
  • Pain in chest may appear if you have recently had heart attack or have any cardiovascular diseases. If you have problems with heart, consultation of a cardiologist is obligatory before buying the drug.


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