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Generic Name: Diazepam

Brand Names: Valium,

Dosage Package: 10 mg

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An active lifestyle severely exhausts the central nervous system, so that most people regularly experience stress and tension. Due to the overfatigue, insomnia and other disorders appear, and Valium will help to cope with them.

General description

Valium is an effective sedative from the group of tranquilizers. It has a broad therapeutic action but the main task of Valium consists in the relaxation of the central nervous system. The drug contains an active ingredient Diazepam which has been approved by FDA for the treatment of the anxious disorders and insomnia.

Using Valium helps to quickly relax and better restore energy after working day. This medicine provides a myorelaxing, sedative, and anticonvulsive action. Valium helps a human to cope with insomnia and easily fall asleep but this is not a sleeping-medicine. In case of the abstinent syndrome appearing during chronic form of alcoholism, Valium weakens tremor, removes mental disorders which go along with affected consciousness, and hallucinations.

Indications for the use    

  • Dysphoria
  • Anxiety disorders
  • Insomnia
  • spasms of skeletal muscles
  • Spastic state during organic brain lesions
  • Prevention of cardiovascular diseases
  • Withdrawal symptoms

In what dose is Valium used?

As a sedative product, Valium is used in the dose of 2,5 mg per day in the evening. The pills should be used entirely and taken with a glass of water. The therapeutic effect appears soon. The action of Valium 2,5 mg will be noticed in 4-5 days after the beginning of the treatment. If there is no therapeutic effect, the daily dose is gradually increased by 2,5 mg every week. The maximal daily dose of Valium is 10 mg. In case of traumas of the spinal cord or brain, the higher doses of Valium 20-30 mg are used to restore the work of the central nervous system but only under doctor’s recommendations.


If you took a high dose of Valium, you will notice it. The signs of the overdose are severe respiratory depression, ataxia, a sharp drop of the blood pressure, prolonged deep sleep, and depression of the cardiac activity. It is necessary to have a stomach lavage and seek for a medical aid during the overdose.


Medical interaction

  • Valium enhances the action of ingredients which inhibit the work of the central nervous system: ethanol, antidepressants, antipsychotics, opioid analgesics, drugs used for anesthesia during surgery.
  • Do not take Valium with hypotensive products because it can lead to the intense hypotension
  • The simultaneous use of Valium with clozapine enhances a risk of the respiratory distress

Preventive measures

  • Valium is contraindicated during acute drug or alcohol intoxication, angle-closure glaucoma, asthma or COPD, epilepsy, chronic hypotension
  • Valium is not prescribed children under 6 months and women during pregnancy
  • If a patient has night apnea during the use of Valium, terminate the treatment.


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