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Generic Name: Diclofenac

Brand Names: Voltaren, Zipsor, Cambia, Solaraze, Pennsaid, Flector, Dyloject, Cataflam

Dosage Package: 100 mg, 50 mg

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Voltaren drug will help you during an inflammatory pain. This medicine has been approved by FDA for the treatment of the painful syndrome of the middle severity related to the inflammatory and metabolic processes in joints and spine, after surgeries and trauma, during toothache and earache, and in many other cases.

General description

Voltaren is a non-steroid anti-inflammatory drug used for the treatment of moderate painful syndrome. The drug contains an active ingredient Diclofenac.

This drug has been using for more than 50 years in medicine. Voltaren has a fast and strong pain-relieving, antifebrile and anti-inflammatory action. Voltaren helps to reduce inflammation in the joints and bones, reduce a morning tightness and returns a motion during rheumatic diseases. Voltaren will reduce an inflammatory edema and prolonged pain during post-traumatic pain.

Voltaren is produced in different medical forms: tablets, ointment, band aid, and solutions for injections. A medical form is selected according to the site and cause of pain, and it will faster and effectively help to reduce pain and inflammation.

Indications for the use  

  • Back pain during inflammatory and degenerative diseases of the spine
  • Pain in the joints
  • Muscle pain
  • Inflammation and swelling of the soft tissues as a result of injury or rheumatic diseases
  • Neurological pain
  • Attacks of gout and migraine

In what dose is Voltaren used?

The Voltaren tablets are used 2-3 times per day depending on the intensity of the painful syndrome. It is better to take tablets before meals in order to reduce a risk of the side effects in the gastrointestinal tract. A one-time dose of Voltaren is 25-50 mg. The maximal daily dose of Voltaren is 150 mg.

Voltaren is not recommended to be used more than 14 days. If a stable pain-relieving effect is absent, it is necessary to find out a cause of pain and change an analgesic, if necessary.


The overdose of Voltaren can be accompanied by such symptoms as vomiting, gastrointestinal bleeding, diarrhea, dizziness, tinnitus or convulsions. An acute renal failure and liver dysfunction may occur during intense intoxication.

Gastric lavage and maintaining therapy are prescribed during the overdose.

Medical interaction

  • The efficiency of diuretics is reduced during the use of Voltaren
  • The simultaneous use of Voltaren with antibacterial drugs from the group of fluoroquinolones may form muscle spasms
  • The simultaneous use of Diclofenac with others NSAIDs may enhance a risk of the side effects because of the overdose

Preventive measures

  • Voltaren is not recommended during the acute condition of ulcer of stomach and duodenum because it can cause bleeding
  • If you had an attack of bronchial asthma or urticarial fever after the use of NSAIDs, the use of Voltaren is not recommended
  • Voltaren is not recommended during III term of pregnancy
  • The rates of the liver enzymes are increased due to the treatment.


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