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Generic Name: Bupropion

Brand Names: Wellbutrin, Wellbutrin SR, Zyban, Budeprion, Buproban, Forfivo XL, Aplenzin

Dosage Package: 150 mg

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Everybody has experienced depression just once in his/her life. Poor interest at life, lack of energy, apathy, and insomnia are one of the symptoms which can bother within months. It is possible to cure of depression with the help of a drug Wellbutrin which will improve mood. You will forget what depression is within a short time.

General description

Wellbutrin is an antidepressant of the new generation which has been approved by FDA and is considered one of the most effective drugs for the treatment of depression and emotional disorders. It contains an active ingredient Bupropion.

Wellbutrin belongs to a new group of antidepressants, noradrenaline and dopamine reuptake inhibitors. The drug blocks reuptake of serotonin, and it helps to relief the treatment of the depression. Noradrenaline is one of the main stimulants of the central nervous system, and therefore it its concentration is increased, the work of the brain and all reflexes is improved. The use of Wellbutrin helps to quickly improve mood, restore a normal sleep and get rid of other depression symptoms.

Wellbutrin is the most effective to treat depression accompanied by lack of energy and retardation of the psychomotor reactions. Due to the intense stimulating action, it activates the sections of the brain responsible for all psychomotor reactions.

This is one of few antidepressants which does not influence on the sexual function and does not decrease a male libido.

Indications for the use

  • Treatment and prevention of depression
  • Confusion of psychomotor reactions
  • Treatment of social phobia

In what dose is Wellbutrin used?

To treat depression, Wellbutrin is prescribed in the minimal daily dose of 150 mg. The pills are taken in the morning, before breakfast. It is necessary to control a change of the psychological state within 2 weeks. If there are no changes within this period, the dose of Wellbutrin is increased up to 300 mg per day (a pill of Wellbutrin 150 mg in the morning and afternoon).

If you feel nausea, heartburning, or other side effects after the use of Wellbutrin 150 mg, take the medicine after meals.

In 3-4 weeks of taking Wellbutrin, a stable antidepressive effect should appear. The treatment should last for at least 3 months.


The overdose with Wellbutrin can cause severe side effects:tachycardia, hypertension, vomiting, seizure, hallucinations, coma, and allergic reactions. If you noticed these symptoms after the use of the high dose of Wellbutrin, it is necessary to have a stomach lavage, take absorbing agents and visit a doctor as soon as possible.

Medical interaction

  • The interaction of Wellbutrin with MAO inhibitors can cause severe side effects
  • Do not take Wellbutrin with drugs stimulating the central nervous system: sibutramine, phentermine, thioridazine, caffeine, amphetamine, etc.
  • Alcohol consumptions is prohibited during the use of Wellbutrin

Preventive measures

  • Do not take Wellbutrin before sleeping because it can cause insomnia
  • The maximal one-time dose of Wellbutrin is 150 mg, and therefore if you forgot to take a pill, do not take the double dose. Continue following the dosage regimen
  • Do not take Wellbutrin during epilepsy, alcohol/medical intoxication, and cardiovascular diseases
  • Patients under 18 years old are contraindicated to take Wellbutrin.


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