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Generic Name: Orlistat

Brand Names: Xenical, Alli

Dosage Package: 120 mg, 60 mg

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Obesity is a disease of the 21 century. According to the statistics of the World Health Organization, there are more than 250 million people with obesity in the world, and this number may grow by two times the next years. Many people try to lose weight but they fail. Doctors recommend Xenical in order to enhance an efficiency of diet and physical trainings.

General description

Xenical is a specific inhibitor of the gastro-intestinal lipases and helps to treat obesity without the interaction with the central nervous system. It contains an active ingredient Orlistat. This ingredient is not absorbed from the gastro-intestinal tract and acts in lumen of the stomach and small bowel. The mechanism of the action of Xenical consists in blocking the enzymes which split fats. Due to this, most part of the vegetable and animal fats coming with food are excreted with stool. Due to the deficit of fats, the daily calorie value falls, and this way the body begins using the accumulated fats to maintain energy.

Xenical does not cause a medical addiction and works for the treatment of the obesity in teenagers. Nowadays, this is one of the safest drugs for the treatment of the obesity.

Indications for the use

  • Treatment of obesity in adults and children over 14 years old
  • Treatment of obesity in patients with diseases of the central nervous system

In what dose is Xenical taken?

Xenical begins working when the body gets food rich of vegetable or animal fats. A one-time dose of Xenical is 120 mg.

The capsules of Xenical 120 mg should be used during meals but not more than 3 times per day. If you skipped the use of Xenical 120 mg before meals, the capsule should be taken in about 60 minutes after meals. Every capsule of Xenical 120 mg is taken with a full glass of water.

If food does not contain fats, you can skip the use of the dose of Xenical. The treatment continues about 3 months to have a stable effect.


As Orlistat is not absorbed into the blood plasma, a chance of the overdose is minimal. Using high doses, Xenical is excreted intactly from the body, and there is a chance of the development of light dyspepsia disorders.

Medical interaction

  • The medical studies have not discovered a significant medical interaction of Orlistat with other medical products. As a concentration of Xenical is low in the blood, the use of high doses does not lead to the accumulation of the drug in the body.

Preventive measures

  • If you experience light diarrhea, upset digestion, or bloating during the use of Xenical, the treatment should be continued. This is a normal body reaction to the action of the drug
  • The uptake of the useful vitamins and minerals is affected during the use of Xenical, and therefore consult a doctor and find out what additives should be used to make up a deficit of the useful ingredients in the body
  • Do not take Xenical during pregnancy and lactation
  • Xenical is contraindicated during the syndrome of malabsorption.


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